• Wadi Ram-Jordan
  • Tripoli-Lebanon


  • Wadi Ram-Jordan
  • staring more on a photo lets you investigate more
  • sometimes good things hide something bad


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Come visit any time, and let me help you find just what you need by asking for a specific idea to be shot!

i am my own best customer, and i’m expert in photo-shooting — ask me anything.

My commitment to customer service is my most important asset. i look forward to serving you!

About Me

Moustafa Abdulwahed was born and raised in Badebhoun in the north of Lebanon (1994 – ). His passion into photography is remarkable and self raised skills. As an Architect and Artist, His vision in photography remain a nice mixture and full of hidden stories effected by his calm village he was raised in. His decision in having photography as a work and business are friends encouragement, his passion and winning photography competition (2nd prize in ‘Re:Levant’ AGYA Photography Competition 2019).

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Phone: +96171762334

Email: Moustafaabdulwahad@outlook.com

MA Photography

Beirut/Badebhoun, Lebanon

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